Spektacom is an epitome for sports and technology enthusiasts and professionals. With the advent of data and technology into every sphere of our lives, we are now getting meaningful insights that are helping us improve nearly every process around us – Sport is no exception! State of the art, data-capturing equipment and advanced modelling techniques, are helping unveil trends and patterns which are helping us understand the science behind the art of sports for amateurs, professionals, enthusiasts and viewers.

It is with this objective of revolutionizing sports, Anil Kumble - one of India’s most successful and respected sportspersons founded Spektacom. His immense experience as a player, captain, professional coach, and cricket administrator at various Institutions of repute including the ICC, National Cricket Academy and the Karnataka State Cricket Association combined with his passion for technology makes him the right person to introduce sensor-technology to power sport insights and fan engagement opportunities.

In his quest to achieve this goal of meaningful application of technology to sports, he has found the right partners in Microsoft – one of the world’s largest technology companies and the leading provider of cloud solutions through Microsoft’s Cognitive AI Services powered by the company’s Azure cloud offering. This technology provides real-time analytics and data management capabilities which form the backbone of Spektacom’s offerings.